Domestic and Drinking

We specialise in the supply and delivery of high quality, potable drinking water for domestic use. This water is purchased from the Council and has been filtered and treated to ensure complete safety for all domestic use.

Roadworks & Civil

Our trucks are fitted with spray bars, fan sprays and hoses to suit most applications related to Road-works and Civil applications.

Trucks are operated by an experienced driver, and water is sourced and supplied. We ensure competitive rates and provide a service suited to particular needs and applications.

We have a comprehensive Health and Safety Policy. Our drivers are trained for safe work practice on roads and the trucks are equipped with safe working equipment.

Filling portable traffic bollards, providing water for ballast, spraying down dust on roading projects and testing water lines are activities we are frequently called upon for.

4x4 Vehicles

We can provide specialty 4x4 trucks for the power industry, windfarms, drillers, civil works, and rail. Our drivers are qualified and experienced in off road operations, and working in remote areas.

Vehicle Hire

We offer customised tanker hire for long term contracts, and have vehicles of various size and specification available for general hire to commercial clients. Please call for further information.


We provide drinking water for sports and cultural events. Our tankers have taps designed for filling cups, bottles and containers. Our latest hydration station offers filtered water with an easy to use refill point at the touch of a button, and is ideal for summer events.

Tank Cleaning

We offer a specialised service to thoroughly clean and inspect water tanks. Click here for more information.

Swimming Pools

We provide a reliable and prompt service to house holders and the swimming pool industry to ensure minimum delays in operations.


We are able to supply Mains Water for all Rural applications including water for stock, irrigation and specialist applications.

Film Industry

We offer timely solutions to a range of needs within the film industry, including potable water for catering applications, wetting down roads for scenes, we can even make it rain…please contact us to discuss your needs.

Vacuum and Septic Tank Cleaning

We now offer sump/silt trap and septic tank cleaning,with the latest low emission,vacuum tankers.
Please get in touch for a quote.

Other Applications

We also provide water for:

  • Roof cleaners
  • Tree watering, lawns & gardens
  • Public events
  • TV industry
  • Drilling contractors
  • Railway companies
  • Building sites
  • Windmill sites
  • Pipe testing
  • Horse arenas
  • Specialist and unique applications
  • Road sign washing and tunnel cleaning


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