Water Quality

We are able to supply and deliver both Mains (town) water and Artisan Water:

MAINS WATER - This water is purchased from councils around the greater Wellington area and has been filtered and treated to ensure a high quality of water suitable for drinking, domestic use and high quality applications. This water is most suited for drinking, domestic use and swimming pools and is supplied at a reasonable cost. High standards of quality control ensure that this water is always safe for drinking and domestic use.

ARTISAN WATER - Chemical free water is sometimes required for specific purposes and can be provided. Please contact us to discuss.


Bulk Water Transport has a cost effective and competitive Pricing Policy to ensure high quality service at a reasonable cost.

At the time of your call, we will provide a quotation for the cost of water delivery when water is to be pumped into tanks.

For services that require truck hire on an hourly rate, cost is determined by a distance-based call out fee, and then an hourly rate thereafter. The hourly rate will include cost of water and driver.

The cost for delivery of water is determined by distances travelled. We provide multiple loads where several loads are delivered on the same day, if water can be sourced nearby.

Payment can be made by banking, cash or via PayPal.

View our terms and conditions of trade.

Truck Hire

Bulk Water Transport has a range of vehicles available for hire NZ wide. Please call to discuss your specific requirements.

Septic Tips and Information

If my tank has two compartments, do both compartments need to be cleaned?

Yes. Although a septic tank with two compartments is designed to hold waste back in the first compartment, it is inevitable that some waste will be pushed into the other compartment. If this side is left uncleaned, the waste will build up and begin pushing out to the drain field and this will shorten the life of the field. Another reason both compartments need to be opened up is to inspect the outlet device. The outlet device is the part of the tank that holds the waste back in the second compartment. It also allows clean water to flow to the drain field. The outlet device cannot be inspected from the first compartment.

Do I really need to get my septic tank cleaned?

Yes. Regular maintenance of a septic tank plays a vital role in the longevity of the septic system as a whole. Septic tanks should be cleaned when 25% of the working capacity of the tank is being used to store waste. As the tank builds up more waste, the waste will be pushed in the drain field and begin blocking the drain field. This will lead to premature failure of the system.

How often should I clean my tank?

You should aim to get it cleaned every 3 to 5 years. The duration depends on the size of the tank and the amount of waste water produced by the household.

What happens if I don't clean the septic tank regularly?

If your tank is not pumped, the waste can build up and the holding capacity of the tank will decrease. Eventually, the waste will reach the pipe that feeds into the drain field, causing it to clog. When this happens you may see a variety of problems including:

These problems can become severe in a short time. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

What are the best washing products to use for my septic tank?

Eco-Store products or other Eco friendly products are made with septic tanks and the health of the soil in mind. Eco-Store and alike products are kinder to the good bugs in your system and this help to stop your tank from becoming smelly. Many products that claim to quash bugs will also quash the good bugs in your tank and dispose the balance. We have found Eco-Store products to be equally as effective as some of the harsher ones on the market.

Can I use an insinkerator with the septic tank?

No, unless you want to clean your tank very often and more than likely have a smelly tank. The contents of the tank should go through you first. It is a septic tank and not a composting facility. If you do use one, you will fill the system up a lot faster with waste.

What is 'flushing your system'?

For optimal health, the beneficial and good organisms need to stay in the tank. When you have a family using the shower all at once as well as the washing machine and dishwasher operating, this is a "flushing "of the tank. This usuallly becomes a problem more in aeration systems, but when the tank has first been cleaned, allow it to develop a new colony of organisms. If you don't, it will produce an unhealthy smell until it have a chance to get going.

Avoid flushing these things down the tank:

Delivery Areas & Hours of Operation

Delivery Areas We are based in Upper Hutt, Wellington. Our area of operation covers the Greater Wellington area and the Kapiti Coast, as well as the Wairarapa.

Our pricing for these areas is very competitive, and is based on distances travelled.

Delivery of water to other areas can be arranged, however we will also advise of other Water Cartage Operators in those areas who may be able to provide a suitable service at a cheaper price, due to their location.

For commercial applications we are available NZ wide.

Hours of Operation We operate flexible hours to try to accommodate customer needs.

We are able to arrange water delivery for a specific time of the day if required.

If a specific time of delivery is not necessary, we prefer to not provide a time, however we will ensure that the delivery occurs on the day required. This eliminates the need for our customers to wait for the truck to arrive and allows flexibility for us to manage our workload.

Safety Standards and Insurance

Bulk Water Transport is a member of Site Safe, Site Wise, ISN and the NZRT.

Bulk Water Transport has a comprehensive and current Occupational Health and Safety Policy to ensure the safety of Staff and Customers.

We ensure our drivers are trained and equipped to provide a service with minimal risk to persons or property.

Our company has Public Liability Insurance, together with Comprehensive insurance to ensure full compliance with our legal obligations and for benefit of our customers.

Our trucks are fully equipped to ensure our high standards are maintained.

Our trucks are inspected by Ministry of Health and have food grade stainless steel tanks, which are maintained to a high standard to ensure drinking water is of the highest quality.

We use GPS and telecommunications to provide our drivers with up to date information related to your property, including comprehensive directions to your property and instructions as to which tanks to fill. Our drivers will comply with your specific requests related to your property, such as shutting gates, areas where not to drive the truck, dogs on the property etc.

Terms and Conditions of trade

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