About Us

At Bulk Water Transport, we strive to provide efficient solutions for all of our customers. People relying on tank water need a prompt response to their needs. Civil contractors have specific demands, and need equipment that they can rely on. Our specialized vehicles can be adapted for a range of situations.

Our fleet is comprised of a variety of vehicles, including:

Some of our recent contracts include:

We specialize in providing 4X4 tankers, fitted with spraybars, pumps, and high pressure water hoses. We take safety seriously, so each of our vehicles is fitted with CB radio, fire extinguisher, spill kit, beacon, reversing beeper and GPS tracking. These vehicles can be hired with or without a driver, with short and long term rates available. For long term contracts, we can customize a vehicle, specific to your needs. Please call to discuss your requirements, and we’ll talk through how we can help.

We also work with councils to provide responsive solutions, including scheduled tank cleaning and maintenance, alternative water supply during mains shutdown, clean up after damage from natural events.