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Bulk water tanker with little kids100_1362.jpg100_1569.jpg2014-01-01 11.39.06.jpg2014-01-01 12.32.28.jpgA queue longer than the coffee line at the ri Tattoo.jpgAucklandRoundTheBays.jpgAucklandRoundTheBays2.jpgAucklandRoundtheBays3.jpgCant have showers without water.jpgSpa pool filling for Wellington Waterfront.jpgSponsoring a community fundraiser.jpgSupply water for showers at Wellington Tough guy and gal.jpgToughGuyandGal2013.jpgWellington round the bays.jpgWellingtonRondTheBaysSprinkler.jpgYep we even supply water for the annual scout group waterslides.jpgeco home display in Wellington.jpgshowers.jpgshowers2.jpgsponsoring a school duathlon.jpg